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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement


1. Purpose of this Statement

This Statement is made by DB Systel UK Ltd pursuant to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA) and covers the financial year ending 31 December 2019.


2. Our organisational structure

DB Systel UK Ltd is part of the Deutsche Bahn group and is the UK’s daughter company of DB Systel GmbH based in Frankfurt Germany and its primary function is to provide IT Managed Services to members of the DB Group in the UK and overseas and to customers external to the DB Group.


3. Our policies and commitments

Modern slavery can take many forms including servitude, forced and compulsory labour, human trafficking and deprivation of liberty for personal or commercial gain. DB Systel UK Ltd has a zerotolerance policy approach to all forms of slavery and human trafficking. These are deemed criminal activities under UK and International law and violate basic human rights.
DB Systel UK Ltd has an exemplary employment record and welcomes all cultures and ethnic groups in the provision of first-class IT services.
DB Systel UK Ltd is part of the wider Deutsche Bahn (DB) Group. The DB Group signed up to the UN Global Compact in 2009 and is a founding member of the rail sustainable procurement initiative “Responsible”, established in 2015 and since further developed. As part of the wider Deutsche Bahn Group, DB Systel UK Ltd subscribes to the Group’s Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct for Business Partners, a binding set of rules which guide and support when dealing with ethical challenges that might arise in the course of day to day business management.
This Statement outlines the steps taken by DB Systel UK Ltd throughout financial year 2019 to mitigate the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking taking place in any pan of our business operations or supply chain and builds on the extensive steps already implemented since the MSA came into force. The vast majority of DB Systel UK Ltd’s suppliers are UK or European based and are therefore bound by the same stringent laws surrounding modem slavery and human trafficking. As part of our ongoing commitment, DB Systel UK Ltd will, over the next twelve months, continue to monitor existing (and new) suppliers to ensure compliance with the MSA and DB Systel UK Ltd’s own stringent controls. It remains a condition of doing business with DB Systel UK Ltd that suppliers respect the letter and spirit of the MSA.


4. Endorsement of this Statement

The Board of DB Systel UK Ltd recognises the importance of the matters considered in this Statement and the MSA. We will continue to take all measures necessary to ensure that slavery and human trafficking have no place in DB Systel UK Ltd’s business operations. The Board welcomes this opportunity to restate its commitment to ethical and responsible practices in all parts of the company


Darren Unwin
IS Operations Director
Limited Effective: January 2020


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